Got the Direction

Today we gave a presentation on what are our views on GUI of a CAD. In which we explained to follow the approach of User Experience driven softwares.

We believe our software’s GUI must influence our coding rather than our code driving the user experience.

After that we had discussion regarding what should be used and how.

And it was decided that we must base our CAD’s foundation as 3D.

On note of 3D, BRL-CAD will be used for the libraries like libbu(utilities), libbn(maths), librt(ray-tracing and entities), etc. Whereas the 3D primitives will be rendered by Ogre3D as our scene.

Our eCAD’s GUI will be modified accordingly to suit our needs.

I compiled Ogre3D Game Engine today following Kamalpreet’s blog.

Now it’s time to get myself familiar with it.

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