Problem solved? Maybe..

So after lots of tries and lot of struggle later I was finally able to install and boot Ubuntu correctly on my laptop. But this Ubuntu is version 12.04 LTS. The newer versions didn’t work. They don’t even show the grub menu on system boot. But with 12.04 or even Elementary OS, I was able to boot to the OS from the grub menu.

Actually what I did was reset all the settings in BIOS settings. I enabled the already disabled Secure Boot option and then again disabled it. And voila! It worked. My OS is up and running.

So I was like maybe the problem is solved but it’s not. Basically what i think is the problem lies with the kernel support for the graphics. Not really sure. But so far I think this may be the problem. I’ll keep looking into it as I’d like to get to the bottom of this problem.

Stuck on Purple Screen of Death!

I bought a new laptop just 2 days earlier and I was really happy.

Yeah ‘was’, cause I’m not anymore. I’ve been trying to install Ubuntu on it but no progress so far. The installation is done but the system doesn’t boot up properly. It just hangs on the purple screen without anything else. Not even a single error.

I’ve tried so many solutions that I found on the internet but nothing seems to work. I’ve installed and re-installed Ubuntu, repaired the boot so many times that I’ve lost count.

The joy of getting a new laptop didn’t even last a single day.

Done With Documentation

I have completed the User Documentation for my project. Actually I completed that day before yesterday but I was improving the images that I’ve included in it, so technically I finished it yesterday.

There’s still so much to learn in LaTeX. I’ve just touched upon the basics of it but its so deep and powerful software.

I’ve also been working on my blender. Made small models and also fiddled with its Game Engine.  Its a great experience, like you got a power in your hand to create whatever you want.

I’m loving it. ^_^

Learning Latex

I’ve started making User Documentation for my project in LaTeX. Latex is a really cool system for making documents of almost any type.

Read more about Latex at:
Official Website:

I’m including step by step information along with the pictures to make it really easy for the user to work with my project website.
Anyone who needs to manage the website can do so after reading this documentation.

I’m learning about Latex from Wiki-books. Really very helpful.
Here’s the link to it:


These days we (6 weeks trainees) are working on finishing our reports and all.
We have to make user documentation as well as developer documentation on whatever project we’ve been working on.
We also need to make our report of the project along with our presentation.
We’ll be using LaTeX to make all of them.
I’ll have to create a user document that would make it really easy for non-computer experts to use and maintain the website that I’ve created in my 6-weeks project.
And the developer documentation will include the plugin that I’ve made for tournament sign-up.

Apart from that I’m currently working with blender. And its awesome really. I’m loving it. ^_^