Blender Modeling: Low Poly Water

Hello Blender Folks, In this tutorial we are going to create Low Poly Water and render it in Cycles Rendering Engine inside Blender. This is what we are going to achieve today: Open up a new Blender File, i.e the Default Scene with a cube, lamp and a camera as shown below. Change to Cycles Render: Go […]

Disabling Ads in uTorrent

uTorrent is a lightweight torrent client for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux. The application is awesome but sometimes it annoys you with the the sponsored ads that keep showing on the interface. Now most of us want a clean interface and not boggled down by the ads. So here is what you can do to disable […]

Blender Tip: Render Border!

Hello Blender Users, The more experienced Blender users might already be familiar with this tip but the new users would definitely benefit from this tutorial. It is always important to check your materials, textures and lighting while working on your complex scene. And some of the new users would just render the whole scene to […]

Radial and Diametric Dimension

Like I wrote yesterday, I finished off the diametric dimension today and sent the PR today which has been accepted and merged. And right now I’m working on improving them further like snapping the start point, i.e the arrowhead, to the entity (either a circle or an arc). This will be achieved by calculating the […]

Adding a bit more

Even though my final project viva is near I’m still improving and adding on in eCAD. I tried to correct the ellipse’s pasting problem but I guess I made a hasty commit which should have been made only after some testing. Today I’ve implemented a radial dimension but haven’t send the PR yet, as it […]

Shooting Down Issues

Apart from working on the Aligned Dimension, I’ve solved two issues today that have been pending for some time. The flickering issue of ellipse was solved pretty easily, just had to set the code at the correct place. While the Arc’s selection issue was quite prominent since it has been implemented. Its shape wasn’t set properly. And […]

Vertical Dimension

I’ve added Vertical Dimension in eCAD today and also made some changes regarding text and arrow. As far as linear dimensioning is concerned, horizontal and vertical has been done. Aligned dimension should not be much different and I’m hoping to be done with it by tomorrow. Next, radial and diametric dimensions are lined up and I’ll […]