Fixing things

We are fixing things as we go along. The new issues that are found or the existing ones, all of them must be solved before the release.

I’ve fixed an issue of unresponsive status bar when a new document is created.

And also implemented the tooltip for the cursor to help the user know the coordinates more easily instead of looking at the bottom to see the status bar. This improves the user’s workflow.

Now looking into other issues.

Correction of ids

We have corrected the issue of incorrect IDs of the pasted entities after cut or copy. This was solved by dynamically casting the entities to get the id of the intended entity and then pass this to the clone entity.

There are many other issues still left to solve before going for the first release.

Also been working on adding theme functionality to the user for eCAD. Hacked a little on CSS for that.

Improving the looks

I have added the remaining two funcitons for scripting as well which enables the drawing of Arc and Text entities.

For now arc entity can be created by passing three points through which an arc will pass.

E.g. cad.arc(120,130,233,321,456,546); // arc entity passing through three points

And the text entity can be drawn as:

cad.text(420,520,”hello”); //  text entity at position(420,520) with text ‘hello’

If you want to write a multiline comment then you can pass the third parameter as “helloneveryone”. This will draw text entity as:


Now I’m going to improve the looks of the eCAD. I’ve started working on the Qt Stylesheet which will decide the overall looks of the software.

Implemented Scripting

I’ve added entity functions to enable scripting for the user.

For example, if a user wants to draw a point in the scene, he/she can write:


and a point entity will be created at (200,300) position in the scene.

Similarly other entities can be drawn using following commands:

cad.line(112,60,630,478); // line with start_point(112,60) and end_point(630,478),444,60); // circle with center at point(505,444) with radius = 60
cad.ellipse(432,88,65,90); // ellipse with center at point(432,88) with minor_radius = 65 and major_radius = 90

Arc and text entities are yet to be implemented which will be done next.

Moving further

I’ve implemented ‘Delete Selected’ feature in the eCAD this as the name suggests delete all the selected entities.

Also send commit that corrects the coding standards of the whole project which we have missed previously. And we have all agreed on following the coding standards as defined on the wiki page of eCAD github repository.

I also helped Kamalpreet in implementing selection features that she is doing.

Now currently I’m doing ‘Delete’ feature which enables the user to select entities one-by-one and delete them once user hits ‘Enter’ key.

Worked a bit

Worked on Modify Menu items Delete and Delete Selected.

Will be committing them soon.

Also did a commit today for Dr. Geo. I’ve corrected the sensitivity of the menu items. Rest all will be set when the respective functionality is added. I need to look at LibXML2 as well.


Cleaning the menus

We have started cleaning out the menus of eCAD. There are certain menu items there which are yet to be implemented and some of them not till the next release.

So stayed with the select menu and finished selection and de-selection of entities.

There are still different ways left to select entities which we would be doing before the initial release.

I’m also working on Deleting entities.

Other necessities of eCAD

Started the work of website and user documentation for eCAD. Website is up and running, although with only minimal content. Visit eCAD Website.

Also working on User Manual which I’ll be uploading(committing) real soon so that other collaborators can contribute as well.

Apart from these two we need to create Developer Documentation which can be generated through Doxygen. But for that we need to have Doxygen style comments in our code which adds another task to the list.

I also shared some ideas with Kamaljeet about TCC Website she’s helping to make. Discussed about content, look and call of action for the landing page.

Improving Script Widget

We improved the Script Widget by adding functionality to its buttons.

We had to rewrite its functions that we previously wrote in order to implement the buttons correctly.

This scripting widget will have a new dock widget being created at the start of eCAD. But the new textEdit widget will only be created in this dock widget when the user clicks on new script button. And the use well be prompted to save the file.

This was done deliberately to implement Script Auto Save feature. The script would be auto saved after every 60 seconds.

Icons added to Scripting Widget

Today we added the icons to the buttons of the scripting widget, which makes it easier to manage the widget and also improve its looks.

Besides that we worked upon the functions that will be associated with those buttons.

I’m also looking forward to improve the overall look of the software to make it more attractive to the new users.

This would help me in visualizing the content for the promotional video.