Enticing Engine

It is one of my greatest desire to work on a 3D game of my own someday. And now I’m getting an opportunity to play with a 3D Game Engine.

Ogre3d is an open source Game Engine and even though I am not really working on a real game, it still leaves me in a state of bliss.

Right now I am frolicking in this engine, following basic examples to get myself acquainted with it.

It’s mesmerizing to see your code snippet revamp a scene.

The examples are fairly useful in grasping the key concepts of a scene in Ogre3d. The Scene Manager, scene nodes, entities, camera, lights, etc., I am already quite familiar with these concepts. So for me it’s kinda like breezing through them.

But embedding Ogre3d in Qt is an onerous task as the guides available to do such are out-dated and erroneous. Hoping to do this asap.

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