Project Reopened!

Yeah, you read that right. My project is far from being done. So after giving my presentation, its officially re-opened. 😀

I should be sad that its not over but actually I’m not. Why?
Because now I’ll learn things at much higher level. The problems and mistakes that were pointed out to me made me realize that I hadn’t really done much in context with Web Development.

I was so busy looking at the bigger picture that I missed those small pieces of the puzzle. I shouldn’t have left everything to the WP themes and plugins. Now I’ve realized that these utilities are there to provide us help but its us who should know how to take it.

Anyway, my presentation went well. I was nervous in the beginning but I did much better after that, thanks to Nivrit who saved our presentation while I was creating a mess.

The conclusion that I drew from the discussion after the presentation was that there is a BIG room for improvement. So many points to consider and too many mistakes to look over.

Well I guess its a fresh start now. We’ll see what happens next!

“The future begins today.”
― Wayne Gerard Trotman

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