Blender Tip: Render Border!

Hello Blender Users,

The more experienced Blender users might already be familiar with this tip but the new users would definitely benefit from this tutorial. It is always important to check your materials, textures and lighting while working on your complex scene. And some of the new users would just render the whole scene to check their progress which could be quite taxing for your system (if you are like me and don’t have a high-end beast of a workstation). Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt if you can save on some processing.

For the sake of this tutorial, I’m using the default scene of Blender.

What we are going to do is use Blender’s inbuilt feature called ‘Render Border‘. To use it follow these steps:

  • Press N on your keyboard to make your N-Panel visible, where you can set the object’s properties and such.n_panel
  • Now tick the Render Border checkbox, (just above the 3D Cursor) as shown in the picture. You can see that after you have marked it, the Viewport got a red dotted border. This enclosed area tells the Blender to render it. But we want to adjust that area, which we will adjust in the next step.n_panel_marked
  • Press Ctrl+B to enable the custom selection to adjust the border. Now you can select the area you desire. I’ve selected the area as shown below. If you want to change your selection again use Ctrl+B.select_border_area
  • Next you need to change the display of the objects in the Viewport Shading from the menu that you can see just below your actual viewport. Select ‘Rendered‘ from the menu as shown.render_mode
  • Now you can observe that only are enclosed in the render border is rendered leaving the rest of the viewport as it is. Even if you rotate your scene or anything it will remain undisturbed.result

Go on now, save some processing and time while improving your productivity. Hope you find this useful.

Till next time!

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