Even though it was Sunday, I made the following changes:

Updated the third glade file that was not changed earlier, i.e drgenius2.glade

Replaced old glade syntaxes with the newer ones just like yesterday.

Files: drgenius_config.cc, drgenius_mdi.cc, drgeo_adaptDialog.cc

Removed the glade_init() call from the main, since the GtkBuilder format doesn't need one.

Files: drgenius_main.cc

The glade format would be fully functional when used with Gtk-3.0 and not with 2.0. So I now I need to port drgeo from gtk-2.0 to gtk-3.0 first.

For that purpose, I compiled and installed Gtk-3.0.12 along with its additional dependencies. But if there is any ppa that could make this step easier, it’d be extremely helpful.


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