Back to work. I made some changes to begin glade support while porting to GtkBuilder format.

Removed '#include <glade/glade.h>'. It is not needed in the GtkBuilder format.

Files:drgenius_config.h, drgenius_main.cc, drgenius_mdi.cc,
drgeo_adaptDialog.cc, drgeo_control.h, drgeo_gtkdrawable.cc,
drgeo_gtkmacro.cc, drgeo_gtkproperty.cc, drgeo_gtkstyle.cc

Changed 'GladeXML*' to 'GtkBuilder*'.

Files:drgenius_config.cc, drgenius_config.h, drgenius_mdi.cc,
drgeo_adaptDialog.cc, drgeo_control.cc, drgeo_control.h,
drgeo_gtkmacro.cc, drgeo_gtkproperty.cc, drgeo_gtkstyle.cc,
drgeo_gtkstyle.h, drgeo_menu.cc, drgeo_toolbar.cc


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