Journey Reloaded!

Well the journey of my training has been reloaded but this time it’s going to be much longer than the last.

Today was officially the second day of my 6 Months Training. However, I have started it a few days back, albeit unofficially.

All trainees have been assigned their projects and I am part of a team working on GD-CAD. I’ll post a separate link(post) to expound my project.

I also began Lua Scripting, had downloaded its source, compiled as well as installed it. Lua is eminently simple yet robust and pliant. I’ve always heard that Lua has been used in many games and softwares and I’m looking forward to make use of it in my own game someday. And today I just made my first attempt to fathom this ocean.

Jasvir and I bought 3 TP-Link Routers that we’ll be installing tomorrow to provide better internet facility to all the trainees. It was extremely amusing to watch some person explaining about Kali Linux to the shopkeeper. The way he was explaining about the commands, tools, and hacking techniques was entertaining. If Jasvir hadn’t interjected my falsified ignorance filled conversation with that person, I’d have definitely let that person persuade me to join some course or something or to buy Kali Linux for some price.

It was fun and I have this ‘gut feeling’ that this journey is gonna be awesome.


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