Finally did a successful ‘make’ in my new system.  Earlier I was getting an “undefined reference” error during make process. And that was because the GUILE_PROGS and GUILE_FLAGS were not being set while running “./configure” command.

The reason behind this was that the guile.m4 file was not being linked by “aclocal” that updates aclocal.m4 file in the main directory.

I tried “aclocal -I /usr/local/share/aclocal/” that should have included guile.m4 file but still it wasn’t giving the correct result.

I did a reinstall of guile by running “sudo make install” in guile-2.0.11/ directory after uninstalling and that solved the linking issue.

Now drgeo is being successfully built.

On the note of Glade files, still working on them. I’ll commit those changes later.


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