Had to change the script again to make use of the source of guile-2.0.11 from the official site instead of the unofficial deb package that I was previously working with.

Those packages are workable if we don’t need to use the guile-2.0.11-dev package. If this package is to be used then many of its dependencies are needed to be installed too. And those are also not yet officially supported. This¬†resulted in corruption of my system, maybe some mistake on my part played a little part too.

So now the script has been updated to download guile from the source and then compile and install it.

Still testing of the script is being done to ensure that it doesn’t fail or crashes the system.

On the other hand, glade files are being changed to GtkBuilder format which has changed a lot of code in those files. But I haven’t committed these changes yet ’cause I don’t want to break the software right now.


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