I made changes to the code that are pretty crucial for its functioning. Below are the some of the changes I’ve done today.
All these changes are in context of guile.

Changed arguments in scm_internal_catch().
Added SCM thunk() use above mentioned function
Files: drgeo_script.cc, drgenius_mdi.cc

Changed arguments in scm_to_locale_string(), removed NULL.
Files: drgeo_scm_interface.cc, drgenius_config.cc, drgeo_script.cc

Replaced gh_scm2doubles (v, gv) with a loop using scm_to_double(scm_c_array_ref_1(v, i)).
Files: drgeo_scm_helper.cc

Used scm_c_define_gsubr instead, but the arguments are in a different order: for scm_c_define_gsubr the C function pointer is the last argument.
Files: drgenius_main.cc

Used scm_boot_guile instead.
Added an additional closure parameter in the main_prog().
Files: drgenius_main.cc

Removed multiple declaration/definition problem for thunk.
Added extern SCM thunk(..) in drgenius_mdi.h file.
Files: drgenius_mdi.h, drgeo_script.cc


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