Problem solved? Maybe..

So after lots of tries and lot of struggle later I was finally able to install and boot Ubuntu correctly on my laptop. But this Ubuntu is version 12.04 LTS. The newer versions didn’t work. They don’t even show the grub menu on system boot. But with 12.04 or even Elementary OS, I was able to boot to the OS from the grub menu.

Actually what I did was reset all the settings in BIOS settings. I enabled the already disabled Secure Boot option and then again disabled it. And voila! It worked. My OS is up and running.

So I was like maybe the problem is solved but it’s not. Basically what i think is the problem lies with the kernel support for the graphics. Not really sure. But so far I think this may be the problem. I’ll keep looking into it as I’d like to get to the bottom of this problem.


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