Setting up!

Its been 2-3 days since I wrote my diary. Well basically I didn’t had anything to write per say but now I think I should write nonetheless.
These days I’ve been setting up Ubuntu on my desktop. I’ve installed Ubuntu 13.04 and installed many softwares that are installed on my laptop.
Installing them now seems much easier than installing them for the first time on my laptop. You learn a lot from from your mistakes.

And also my website was moved to the main server. But the other links were pointing to the same old server. This needs to be resolved. It can be done by exporting the SQL database file changing the absolute path to the newer one.
I also have a script that can do this.
But before doing this we need to re-transfer some files to the main server.  Because the teachers from the sports department had updated some folders with new files.
But it would be done easily.
By tomorrow I’ll have this work done. < Hopefully! 🙂


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