Mapping The Map

Yesterday, Nadarjot, Kamaljeet and I presented another example for the map website. Actually, after learning about different websites hosting theit own versions of OSM routing services from Khanna Girls, we embedded theses websites in our own web-page using ‘iframe’ tag of HTML5.
You can use the iframe syntax for embedding another website on your own,

But ‘iframe’ tag isn’t allowed to be posted in the wordpress for security purposes, so I can’t write the syntax here. 

You can give this tag different attributes as defined here.

So we used 3 different routing services and made 3 different examples for our web-page. The services were

All of these use OpenStreetMaps. And they provide their own little benefits of usage. You can discover them own their websites. This may have helped us very much but still there’s lot to be improved.


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