Learning is Fun

When you are learning something in which you are genuinely interested, then you really enjoy that. And that what’s happening with me. 🙂

I’ve always been interested in developing games. And now when I’m learning to do that, it feels AWESOME. Its like I’ve got this insatiable hunger for game coding. I am completely captivated by all the stuff that I’m reading these days.

I’ve started with HTML5 Game Development. I will work with basic 2D games before moving towards 3D ones. There are lots of cool, informative and beautiful games out there. One of the best example for the HTML5 game is Z-Type created by Dominic Szablewski. Its an awesome Type-To-Shoot Space Shoot’em’up game, winner of the Mozilla Game On, Community Choice Award. It really tests your typing skills.
I will create a game like this for sure. It may take some time for that but I’ll definitely build one.


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