Presentations Back to Back

The last 2 days I have been really busy. I’ve made the “back-end”, i.e the Options Page for my plugin. Now the user can delete the table or empty the table from the settings/options page. Little CSS was also implemented.

I’m really closing on this plugin thing. Now there are only 2 primary things left to do in it. First is the display table option that is not working properly. And second is the print option that is to be inserted so that the admin can take a print out of the content.

On the other note we had 4 presentations today at GD. There was presentation on Apache and another on PostgreSQL. You can visit there official sites here:

Another presentation was on Latex by Deepak. He showed some creative things that we could do with it. Its a really powerful tool to have in one’s arsenal. We have to write our Project Reports in it so I have to use it in the coming week.

And the last presentation was by Inderpreet on UI. He told us about the designers, back-end developers and the front-end developers with what their roles are and how they are inter-related. Basically he explained the need of the front-end development. The ‘eye-candy’ quality that may not always matter but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be there.

~God loves art.


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