Presentations Day with a Present

Finally I did it! My plugin is now compatible with the AJAX functionality. Okay it may not really be a big thing since there’s lot of optimization to do, but still its a success.

There were quite a few number of presentations we had today.  The most wonderful was on C++ hate by Inder. I came to know how ignorant I’m about C++. Never gave a thought on its current status. I always thought that the standard was set for it and that’s it. It seems really foolish now that I think about it. 😛

But anyhow, it is really interesting to note that we are still using standard for C++ that was set in 1998. And there were lots of changes since then. C++ 11 is like a new language now. And I’ve heard from Inder only, that C++ 14 is coming next year.
Feeling Outdated! :>

I really should try to stay in touch with the technology and its advancement.


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