Sunday.. No Fun!

Seriously, Sunday is really no fun.

One would say Sunday is all about relaxing and refreshing yourself for the upcoming week and that would be quite true. But that’s impossible if you have already set a work schedule for yourself and you have to work on Sunday to complete that deadline.

Even when you just want to be lazy and relax, you can’t.
Aside from the project, there are hundreds of things to do when you are home and its SUNDAY.

Anyway, enough moping around. Lets see what little I have done today. πŸ˜›
I found a solution for one of my problems that I wrote yesterday. I solved that empty row data entry in my database table. Now my display query is also working.

It’s a little progress but still a progress. So, cheers to me! ^_^

Now I’m thinking about creating my plugin using AJAX. From what I’ve read AJAX is used for creating dynamic web pages. It solves the problem of reloading the web page to update the data on that page. I see a greater scope for my plugin.

I didn’t really did much today so I’ll do twice the work tomorrow, to keep it balanced you know. πŸ˜‰

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