Another Regular Day?

Another day gone. A regular day right? Maybe.. for some people it was a regular day but for people interested in UI (User Interface) technology, it was a big day.

Yeah, June 29th is celebrated as “UI DAY”. At-least we GD members did. 😛

Well I came to know about this day from Inderpreet. He told us that in 1975, on this very day Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple Inc.) for very first time entered a key that displayed on the screen. He booted the collection of computer hardware from Motorolla 6800 CPU and other parts long enough to show Steve Jobs the prototype for Apple I. And we all are aware what follows. 🙂
Another interesting fact is that on June 29, 2007 the first iPhone was released.

Inderpreet also gave an excellent presentation on SASS. Introduced us to the CSS-guru Chris Coyier. I’ll certainly check out his websites and if you are interested then you should too.

Now to talk about my plugin development stuff,
it is frustrating and tiring. IF one thing works then other one fails and if that one works then some other might stop working. Lately, I’m having not one not two but three problems.

The first one is that when my plugin is activated, it creates a table in my database which it should. But the table should be empty. And on activating the plugin my table is created but with one empty record.

The second one is that when I add a record in the table, the id [auto incremented] value is changing a lot, it skips certain values. This is not good.

And the third problem is that I can’t seem to figure out the way to redirect to my original form page after submitting that form. I want user to fill the details of the form, submit it and then the new page (or the original form filling page) should be displayed.

I want to solve these problems by tomorrow. Lets see what happens.

If you THINK you can, BELIEVE you can, only THEN you can.
Scott Singh


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