Another Day Passed By

Today wasn’t really a very productive day. My motive was to upload the website on the experimental server. But with my faulty internet connection, it took me a while to upload it.
Even now as the website has been uploaded on the server I can’t really view it ’cause it showing me “Error connecting to Database”. I did expected for that to happen since I need to re-configure my website’s database file but the problem was that I couldn’t even upload my database file on the server.
And now after talking on GD I came to know that I may not have enough permission to access mysql on the experimental server. Now I’m waiting for any server admin to provide me with those permissions.
Only then I can move on. *Sigh*

Finally my website is working properly. Had a lot of difficulty making it work correctly. Even when my database was imported in phpmyadmin on the server and the wp-config file was configured, it wasn’t displaying the site correctly. This happened due to incorrect url in the database. So after reading the official guide for ‘Moving site to live server’ I used a ‘searchandreplace’ script to change the URL from localhost to the new server and then changed the permalinks from the admin area of my site.
Its working properly. And now i’m just waiting for the reviews and feedback.


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