Big Relief

Finally I solved my plugin problem as well as my Firefox bug problem.
Let’s talk about the plugin problem first. My JavaScripts were not running properly, and my error console was showing the 404 error for these scripts. Actually it was the incorrect path error. And I solved that by installing the plugins in my correct directory, i.e /usr/share/wordpress/wp-content/plugins. Earlier I was placing my plugins in /var/www/wordpress/~ directory.
This was creating the problem. Also I changed the owner settings for my wordpress which results in letting me download and upload plugins directly from my Dashboard.
The second problem was that of Firefox browser. My wordpress site was not showing correctly on my firefox browser but was working on all other browsers (Opera, Chromium and Arora).


Mozilla prob

This was due to incorrect header setting in style.css file of my theme. Firefox wasn’t rendering the header area correctly and the primary menu bar was showing over the logo. I thought I should integrate Mozilla web-kit to make it work. I was pulling my hair out since last few days to figure out the problem but wasn’t so successful till today. So by changing the default header height value to large number I solved my problem.

Mozilla solved

Its a big relief that these problems are now solved.
Lets see what tomorrow brings!


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