Well, the onslaught of the rain may have impeded me from attending my training today but still I’ve got some work done. I’ve found some useful plugins for wordpress. I searched and used lots of plugins today. Most of them don’t even work correctly and even if they do still they lack some of the features that I require. Following two are the plugins that I found helpful.

1. Google-Picasa-Viewer: Now I can display image galleries stored in my Google+ account in my wordpress website. I can display these pictures if the albums are publically shared.
But the problem is that even if the plugin uses ‘Fancybox’, a fancy jQuery, still its not displaying images as it should. The images are opening in the new page and not in some frame on same page. Working on correcting this ASAP.

2. Status-Press-Widget: Adds a Widget to display my Twitter status in my sidebar. Working correctly. But I may have to improve its style.

RSS feed for Notice display is another idea. I’m not using Facebook status update feeds because Facebook People (officials) are regularly changing their styles unlike other social networking sites. FB’s RSS feed facility is way too restricted now-a-days and its making it extremely difficult to use it efficiently. And neither can I display FB albums on my website without digging deep in this land of coding. With time limit for my project I don’t think I can do much. ~ “I ain’t no CodeWiz man!”

Tomorrow I’ll try to work on these problems.


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