Exploring Examples

Qt is marvy but it takes a plenty of time and investment to get fruitful results and better grasp on it.

Today Dr. Rai advised to go through the examples of Qt to have its overview.

Though there are loads of examples available, it’d be more fitting to go only through the selected ones that are related to our immediate work.


Today I got the access on the eCAD repository for GreatDevelopers account on github.

So I shifted the files from GDCAD repository to this eCAD repository.

Now any further work will be done on this new repository.

We also need to look into the source code of FreeCAD. Need to clone the code tomorrow.

Second task in LH

We finished our second task to implement AJAX in lab report form.

It was pretty easy after the first task and less complex ’cause it was a standalone form not on the admin side.

I feel as I am getting a little hang on Django.

Now I am going through the unit-tests in the LCv3 and looking into the code of kernel.

Finished with the task

Kamalpreet and I are finished with our first task of implementing the dependent drop-downs. After successfully implementing a form on a new page we had to do embed the same on admin side.
We had help from Jasvir as it was really tricky to get the drop-downs to work as we wanted to.

And now we got our second task to do similar AJAX thing in Lab Reports. This time we have to include a template as well.

On the note of my original project, GD-CAD, I am now cloning the LCv3 repo to study the kernel while following this motto:
I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but I will be cautious before I act.

Almost done

Today we looked into how to add the fields in the admin side.

We had already created a form last time when we were trying to do in admin directly except the form should be a ModelForm instead of a simple form.

After searching online and help from Jasvir, we have the form added recursively (for multiple items).

Next I am looking into correcting the jQuery and AJAX implementation.

On the other note, I’ve passed my final evaluation in GSoC.

Closing In

We created a separate Django form which has dependent fields.

It has been implemented with jQuery and AJAX with JSON data.

Now we are working on implementing the same on admin side. I hope we are done with it by tomorrow.

Forming a form

Today we tried creating a form in Django. It is pretty straightforward.

Also added JavaScript to the template of the form itself. Everything that we create in forms.py with forms module is converted into HTML so we can directly access the IDs of those fields.

Right now our fields are disabled and enabled correctly but we have not yet found a perfect solution to directly access database from the JS. We might not even have to.

There are two options we found to achieve this dependent selection:

  1. jQuery
  2. AJAX